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Entry #2

I Love Newgrounds!

2008-09-06 22:34:07 by HiddenChickNinja

Newgrounds is so easy to get used to! =D

But there are things that bother me here! There are so many mean people on the forums! >:(
But there are a lot of good movies and games here!
I also LOVE the music place! =D

So I love Newgrounds!

And heres another unrelated picture of kittens! =3

I Love Newgrounds!


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2008-09-06 22:42:27

usually people on forums are dicks, thats why i dont use them often. but for the most part NG is great. welcome to NG hope ya have a good first day.

HiddenChickNinja responds:

Thank you!!! =D


2008-09-06 23:39:01

yes, I prefer the blogs over the forums

HiddenChickNinja responds:

I agree, the forums can be real mean.


2008-09-07 13:05:13

The forums aren't too bad, they can be helpful for one or two things, but blogs are usually the best. The only problem is that half of the posts involve porn, and the other half are 13 year old Sonic fans.
Anyway, the site is great, you just need to learn who to hide from ^^


2008-09-18 22:21:42



2008-09-20 14:42:12

yeah NG is a great place to spent some time meet people and see cool stuff

...I don't use the forums that much...

...cute kittens...have a nice day


2010-05-01 01:33:01